Energy Performance Reports & Certificates, more commonly known as EPCs & EPRs, notify you of how energy efficient your property/building is.

This is done by giving it a rating from A (highly efficient) to G (non-efficient). EPCs & EPRs are designed to let you know how costly it will be to heat & light your home and also what your property’s carbon emission output will be. It will also advise you on how you can increase the efficiency of your home and run your home on a more cost-effective basis by upgrading necessary measures in order to achieve this. To buy, sell or rent your property in the UK, you will be required to have an EPC carried out by an approved Domestic Energy Assessor. All certificates provided will be valid for a period of 10 years.

Home Energy Reports

Home Condition Reports

The Home Condition Report is a type of property survey that provides a basic insight and overview of a property’s condition and the risks it may contain both internally & externally. The report was developed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to provide homeowners with a basic report of the property’s overall condition. It does not include any recommendations or any type of valuations; however, this can be arranged for you accordingly if this is something you are looking for. Condition reports are really important to be carried out as if your property or the property you are purchasing has any hidden issues or problems, then this is the most effective report in bringing them to the surface.

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