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Loft Insulation Grant Availability

The loft insulation government grant remains accessible in the UK through the Great British Insulation Scheme and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, providing significant advantages for homeowners or private tenants, especially those without a mains gas supply.

Eligibility depends on specific financial criteria like income-linked employment or receipt of qualifying benefits such as universal credit, child tax credits, or pension credit. Upon qualification, various energy efficiency measures are available at no cost, helping to create a cozy and energy-efficient environment.

Whether it’s internal wall insulation, loft insulation, or adjustments to flat roofs, each step contributes to noteworthy savings.

How does it work?

How to Apply for a Free Government Grant — step by step


Step 1

Use the form on this page to apply for the scheme. We will check through your details to see your eligibility and see if your household qualifies.

Step 2

A member of our team will contact you directly to check your documents and verify the information you provided. We will then arrange to review your home.

Step 3

One of our professional insulators will assess your property and provide a free consultation about the energy efficiency of your home and suggest recommendations for the property.

Step 4

If you are happy with the expert opinion for your home’s insulation recommendations, then we will arrange a date for the work to be carried out on your property.

Benefits and Savings Overview

Grants for insulating rooms in roofs, such as loft insulation grants, are designed to enhance energy-saving efforts in the residences of low-income individuals and families. Installing loft insulation can lead to yearly savings of £120 to £280 on energy expenses.

Eligible recipients, especially those receiving income-based Jobseekers Allowance and residing in their own homes, may have the entire cost of installation for loft insulation covered. In addition to cost savings, both loft and wall insulation substantially reduce the carbon footprint of your home, making the decision to insulate your loft a financially and environmentally sound choice.


Why Should You Consider Applying?

Obtaining the grant offers more than just lowering energy expenses; it’s about promoting a cozy, energy-efficient lifestyle. The benefits extend to flat roof insulation, which positively influences your energy performance, as indicated by your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC rating significance).

With assistance from UK Energy Support, you can facilitate a seamless shift toward increased yearly savings. This encompasses exploring different insulation types, like cavity wall insulation grants or installing internal solid wall insulation, enhancing your loft space and diminishing CO2 emissions further.

Do I need to be receiving Benefits?

No, the scheme is open to all in the UK, regardless of whether they receive benefits.

What is my home's EPC rating?

If you have a current Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) then you can check it via the UK government website.

If your certificate has expired or you do not have one, you can contact us directly to carry out a survey to provide you with one.

What is my home's council tax band?

View your council tax band directly via the UK government website here.

How long will the process take?

The speed of the process largely depends on your promptness in taking action. We operate on a first-come, first-served basis, and installation times are contingent upon your availability. Initially, we’ll schedule a retrofit assessment, which typically lasts about an hour. Following that, you’ll be prepared for installation within 48 hours.

What areas of insulation does the scheme focus on?

Along with your loft/roof and walls, heat is also lost from your home through your floors, as well as your windows and doors. As your energy-saving partner, we can supply and fit this full range of services for your home to accompany your home insulation. Complete a full refurbishment of your home with solar panels, masonry coating and a brand-new heat pump to save on your energy bills each month.

Is the scheme available for social housing properties?

The government introduced the ECO4 (Energy Company Obligation) scheme which means that energy suppliers must promote the installation of energy-saving measures for your home. Under the ECO scheme, you could have the complete cost of home insulation covered by a grant – providing you meet the criteria for the ECO scheme by being on certain benefits and are recommended by your local authority. For more information on the ECO grant scheme, see our dedicated grant page.

Why should I insulate my home?

Home insulation is beneficial for many different reasons and because of this, the government are continuously releasing initiatives and grants to help homeowners benefit. Some reasons are:

Save Money – Insulation helps reduce energy bills every month by up to 30%. Cavity wall and loft insulation are major contributors to these savings.
Eco-friendly – Insulation helps to reduce energy consumption which reduces the release of carbon emissions, which is one of the main atmospherical issues.
Prevents damp – Insulation protects against dampness and rot to your structure.
Health benefits – Insulation improves indoor air quality by blocking pollutants, dust and toxins from entering your home.


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