Damp Treatments

There are different types of damp that majority of properties suffer from starting from rising damp, penetrating damp to condensation. The most common types of damp in properties start from condensation and mould which is caused by warm or humid air merging with cold surfaces. Damp is also created by windows that have not been installed correctly leaving gaps allowing water to seep through. Poor ventilation within a property is one of the more common factors creating condensation and damp problems. Leaking pipes in central heating or drainage systems could also be a cause along with rising damp which is caused by an ineffective damp proof cause which is more commonly known as DPC.

There are a number of treatments that are available to you depending on which type of damp problem you are facing. Please apply for a free damp assessment and our surveyors will advise you accordingly. We only work with approved and accredited technicians who carry out treatments using approved and regulated materials.

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